Female head resembling Faustina the Younger. Last quarter of the 2nd century AD J.-C., Geneva.

Finding an ancient Döppelganger? It might just happen!

Playing the game is one simple way to find out.

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Click on “Add a picture” to turn on the camera
    (The camera’s selfie mode must be enabled!)
  3. It’s photo time. Click to participate!
For a more efficient result, please do not smile. See all advices.

The die is cast. Let the game begin! Thanks for contributing to the exhibition’s creative process. We will contact you if your double is selected. And let your friends know about your experience!

What’s new?

Polycor supports the holding of the “My 2000-years-old double” exhibition.

November 5th 2018

Stone has built the world… it’s strong, durable, and robust. It is known by all, stone monuments pass the test of time. They have seen wars, famines and entire generations succeed one another. These same monuments have also seen love…

52 faces of the Antiquity

May 1st 2017

The call for doubles is closed, but you can explore our Flickr album showing all the sculptures!

Technology in the service of My 2000-Year-Old Double

October 5th 2016

To match today’s faces with those of the 2000-year-old statues, we are using facial recognition software. When you send a photo of yourself, Betaface API analyzes your face, generates a template based on your facial features, and…

Follow our advice

September 23rd 2016

Here are some  advice for a more efficient twinning:

A few works from the past

September 2nd 2016

Here are some of the works that will be presented in the exhibition My 2000-Year-Old Double. See anybody who looks like you?

François Brunelle: fascinated by doubles

September 2nd 2016

An artist whose medium is photography, François Brunelle travels the world looking for doubles. Born in Sherbrooke, Québec, he discovered the medium through the works of André de Dienes and Richard Avedon, two…